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Glowing Beach Ball – Perfect for your Villa

The Glow Beach Ball  is the perfect accompaniment to your fourth of July celebrations!  This sturdy 20” beach ball is classic for night time play, and will create tons of fun for the whole family.  You and your guests are going to love throwing this around the pool at your villa property, or for an evening of volleyball under the stars.

The ball is multi-colored and has a light that flashes Red, Blue and Green.  The outside is fun and patriotic at the same time with Red, White and Blue Stars.  Please note, the ball takes batteries, so be sure you are equipped upon arrival to your cabo vacation.

The Glow beach ball is on sale for $4.95.   To order, click the attached link and add the item to your cart.

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4th of July Celebration & BBQ

Cabo San Lucas is celebrating the 4th of July for all of our patriotic American neighbors!  The El Farallon Restaurant is having all of the festivities, including a BBQ Dinner. The menu is totally divine and will include a variety of dishes from Mexico and the US.

There will be a cold station with watermelon, pickles, salads and cole slaws.  A hot station with tacos, burgers, shrimp, hot dogs, and ribs.  And as many desserts as you can dream up. Some of our personal favorites being served are strawberry shortcake,  brownies, and lemon meringue pie.

The cost is $55.00 per person (USD), and prices are subject to an 11% tax/15% service charge.  Please call  624.163.4300 for reservations, or email   The dinner is open to all guests staying in Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo San Lucas Villas hopes all American’s join in on the special celebration at El Farallon Restaurant!  Please go to our website to view the perfect villa for the celebration at



Airplane Craft for kids – Flower Power

We are always looking for innovative ideas  and ways to keep kids busy on the airplane.  This week we have found one for the sweet young ladies out in villa world! We think you are going to love this one, plus your villa is going to be gorgeous!  We hope you love the craft!

Summer Blooms in Motion

Items needed:  Different color paper, hole punch, chenille stems, buttons, scallop shears or other fun edge shears, and green paper.

  1. Cut 2 square piece of paper…6”, 7”, and 8”.  Fold in half to make a triangle, fold triangle in half, and then in half again.  Trim open edge to a decorative shape and punch with hole punch if desired.
  2. While paper is folded, snip the tip of the corner off.  Unfold each piece, and stack by size with the smallest on top.
  3. Insert Chenille stem into center hole, thread it thought a button, and then back through the flower. Wind stem around itself to secure.
  4. Use scallop shears to cut leaf from green paper; punch hole in center and thread onto stem.

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Nail Polish Trend – Get Shattered!

We think OPI is the bomb over in the nail polish world!  They always have the absolute “BEST” color selections, and constantly stay up with the latest and greatest trends in nails and toes.  So we were not surprised to see their newest invention…Shattered!  What’s unique is that you can have two totally different colors within the shade – It has a crackle effect that looks super chic.  In fact, it’s so stylish that Katy Perry has her own line.

The application is simple… Apply one coat of shattered over two coats of completely dry lacquer for a stylish two-texture effect. Lastly, add a top coat for a super glossy effect.  The product comes in Turquoise, Navy, Silver, Blue, Red, Black, and White.

The polish is made for the beach, as if you get a chip no one will notice.

You may purchase Shattered at Sephora by OPI at, and the cost is $9.50 each.

Cabo San Lucas Villas is happy to bring you the most styling products in the market place.  Please go to our website to view our beautiful and stunning villa properties at




iPhone App for your vacation– Call anyone for Free

Raise your hand if you want to saving money on your phone bill.   There is an iPhone App that allows you to speak to anyone in the world, for as long as you like!  And yes, I said the WORLD!  The App is called Viber, and it’s like Skype for cell phones.  Now you can call anyone back home on your Cabo vacation.

There are a couple of stipulations of course, but simple and easy to follow.  First, you will need to subscribe to Viber.  And second, you need an internet connection or Wi-Fi connection.  It’s that easy.

All you need to do is search your contacts list and press the Viber call button.  Then you will be connected through the Viber network.  The calls are totally free as long as you are connected through a WiFi connection or the internet.

Cabo San Lucas Villas hopes you share this great app with your good old dad on Father’s day, if he has an iPhone of course.  Please go to our website to book and view our beautiful assortment of luxury villas at