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Airplane Craft for kids – Flower Power

We are always looking for innovative ideas  and ways to keep kids busy on the airplane.  This week we have found one for the sweet young ladies out in villa world! We think you are going to love this one, plus your villa is going to be gorgeous!  We hope you love the craft!

Summer Blooms in Motion

Items needed:  Different color paper, hole punch, chenille stems, buttons, scallop shears or other fun edge shears, and green paper.

  1. Cut 2 square piece of paper…6”, 7”, and 8”.  Fold in half to make a triangle, fold triangle in half, and then in half again.  Trim open edge to a decorative shape and punch with hole punch if desired.
  2. While paper is folded, snip the tip of the corner off.  Unfold each piece, and stack by size with the smallest on top.
  3. Insert Chenille stem into center hole, thread it thought a button, and then back through the flower. Wind stem around itself to secure.
  4. Use scallop shears to cut leaf from green paper; punch hole in center and thread onto stem.

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