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Villa Weddings-Mr and Mrs Farber

Good client and friend  Dusin Farber married the love of his life Annie at the Villa La Laguna in San Jose del Cabo this last summer. When asked his reasons for getting married in a villa , its simple.” The intimacy and flexibility to make the event EXACTLY what you want it to be……

That being said, many couples are overwhelmed by finding the best option for their special day.Planning a wedding is no small matter, and planning a wedding in a foreign country adds even more challenges and possible mishaps. There are many tasks to perform, many services to hire, and a wealth of ever changing information to keep well ordered. Many brides start planning their wedding and hit a road block with trying to communicate in a foreign language, little access to choices of providers in photography, catering, florists and a plethora of breathtaking wedding locations to choose from, many not publicized.

Cabo San Lucas Villas can help…..

From the small, intimate, romantic two person wedding to the most stunning, glamorous wedding affair of infinite number, each is very special and we are here to assure you a stress-free perfect wedding. We can assist you not only in finding a location, but also confirming the many vendors needed to pull off a fantastic affair.

The Farber wedding is a perfect example. Dustin contacted us in order to see what home would be best suited for his wedding. As a personal friend and repeat client, our agent Christina recommended  him to one of the best. April Bonds , a wedding designer  and onsite coordinator from Baja Weddings.

Baja Weddings embodies the best Cabo has to offer and has been a favorite of ours for years. Owner Coleen Fagan and her staff use their in depth knowledge of the area , extensive list of contacts, and many years experience in events to pull off an unforgettable day. No matter how many people or how challenging the personalities. Her Event Designers and On site Coordinators  handle all event preparations.  and in many cases work until long after the wedding is over to assure all is executed to perfection.Their meticulous attention to detail and endless amounts of imagination elevate the couple’s original ideas to a living fairytale. Allowing the  happy couple time  to relax and truly enjoy their destination wedding.

Destination Weddings can be tricky, as you are planning the most important day of your life in an area foreign to you. No better reason to have your CSLV experts on hand to assist you. Our agents live and breathe Los Cabos, and know that every vendor recommended has an impeccable reputation and overwhelming talent.

Take the photography at this event. With so many photographers in the area. Dustin wanted to make sure he clicked with the person on the other side of the lens. That the couple’s road to this day is reflected in those pictures and forever recorded as a symbol of their love. April knew just the right photographer for him and called on the dynamic duo of Alec and T to capture their special day.

Alec and T are THE Cabo couple  and exude unbridled energy balanced by overwhelming creativity and professionally.When you hire Alec and T for a wedding, you know unbelievable photographs are just the beginning.  They are one of the only photographers I have met capable of capturing the emotion of the moment while understanding that couple’s unique journey to that point . As a result, the end result is genuine and truly reflects the love shared by that couple.Best of all, the way its reflected on film is mesmerizing and allow’s the couple  not only  remember but FEEL the emotions of that day all over again.

Truly CSLV has a way to make your wedding a vacation and are surrounded by a group of professionals to rival the best in the world. Our families and friends  have supported us through life’s journey. Don’t they deserve a celebration as well? What better place to do so than in Los Cabos!

Want more information on these amazing vendors ? See our links below or drop by our Favorites!

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Perfect Beach Glow – Self Tanners vs. Bronzers

Everyone loves that perfect “sun kissed” glow when on vacation in Cabo.  However, doctors are constantly warning us that ultra violet rays cause wrinkles, and are extremely damaging to our skin.  As there are so many different lotions, potions, and powders, we thought we would share some benefits of Self Tanners and Bronzers.

Self Tanners are perfect if you want your color to last for a long period of time, and some brands can even last up to five days.  They are also essential if you wear light- color shades of clothing, as they are rubbed in, and tend to be more transfer resistant.  Lastly, If you want your entire body to be consistently the same shade, you will want to apply a self tanner.  Self Tanners range in prices anywhere from $9.00 at your local drug store to $42.00 at department stores on average.  Look for brands like Loreal, Lavera, Hawaiian Tropics, Jergens, and Clarins.

Bronzers allow you to customize your shade, as well as determine what intensity you may need.  They are also super simple to wash off, and take the worry out of streaking.  Ultimately, if you like the idea of instant gratification, by applying to a problem area that needs special attention, they fit the bill wonderfully.  Bronzers range in prices $12.00 to $37.00 on average.  Look for brands like Victoria Secret, Tarte, Estee Lauder, and Dr. Hauschka.

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Travel Insurance – Who needs it?

In today’s economy, everyone is looking for the best price available for practically everything.  One common mistake that many of us make is NOT purchasing travel insurance.  So it brought up a really good question, when should we consider the purchase of travel insurance?

Below are a few reasons you MUST always contemplate purchasing the insurance:

*  Trips that are a long way off- You never know what may or may not change your plans

*  Expensive Trips – What if your plans change mid-range, and parts of the trip are non-refundable? 

*  Complex Plans – One leg of the trip, requires the other leg of the trip to get you to your destination.

*  Cruises – As they have already offered travel insurance, they are less than likely to work with you on changes.

*  Package Deals – Due to stipulations, your package may divert back to regular pricing. (Read the fine print)

 More examples of when insurance may need to be SKIPPED:

*  Last minute plans – Less likely to change, as you booked last minute.

*  Domestic Flights – Typically offer change fee’s that are reasonable. 

*  Short Vacations – Chances are that you are less likely to have to return home early, as the trip is short.

Bear in mind, there are so many different types of insurance when traveling, so you really have to find the right coverage for you – Some cover flights, hotel stays, your possessions, luggage, Golf,  adventures,  and  even your health.  Protecting your investment and the unexpected change, will allow for a worry free trip to any destination.

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I would like an upgrade, please – Car Rental Tips

Let’s face it, times are tough, and there are no more upgrades, unless you pay the piper.   Several years ago, if you batted your eye lashes, you may very well get that convertible you wanted to rent in the first place.

The tourism business is hurting, and incremental money makes a big difference so nothing is free anymore.  When I saw this article I had to share, as it may work out in your favor.

CNN Money and Amy Chen asked frequent travelers and people with upgrade-granting power for the secret to moving up in style without moving up in price.

At the Car Counter

What it’s worth. The upgrade from a compact to midsize car, via Hertz at the Los Angeles airport is worth $42 a week.

Your odds: One in 20. Many agencies cut fleets in 2008 and 2009, making upgrades less common.

How to Improve Them:

Choose the right car. If a company runs out of the vehicle class you reserved, it’ll likely upgrade you. Book a midsize car — it’s most in demand, says rental consultant Neil Abrams

Reserve at the right time. “Friday nights and Monday mornings are peak pickup times,” says L.A. Hertz agent Berry Ross. That means there’s less chance the car class you specify will be available.

Look for special offers on the agency’s site, on your credit card site, or on coupon pages like One example: a free upgrade at Alamo for compact to midsize cars until Dec. 31 (code: AU2729MJW).

Good luck getting that convertible!

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