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Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report

September 15th to 21st, 2012

Overall Catch Success Rate 94%

BILLFISH: The big story in Cabo this week was not for marlin, but for yellow fin tuna, with the possible new all tackle world record being caught as per our mid-week report, however, we did see an increase on billfish catches with a few more marlin appearing, whereas in previous weeks sailfish have dominated. We even caught a couple of blue marlin, smallish in size, but at least it’s a good sign that more are on the way albeit late. The blue marlin were caught aboard “Tracy Ann” and “Rebecca”. Wayne Francis from Kansas got the first of the week aboard Rebecca on a lemon green lure, fishing off of Punta Ballena and boated a dorado too. The second one was slightly larger aboard “Tracy Ann”, estimated at 200 lbs, released outside of San Jaime, by Jeff Sweeney from Winter Park, Florida after it took a live caballito. These same two boats had some of the best catches of the week; “Tracy Ann” had Brian Holland, Steve Carlson & Steve Kinderman from Florida aboard on September 17th when they released two striped marlin and a sailfish, before boating a dorado at Pozo de Cota. “Rebecca” had back to back double marlin days on the 16th and 17th; first day for Amy & Chris Renegar from Belton, Texas and the second day for Sarah Crowe & Kala Buser from Perth, Australia. Amy & Chris also did exceptionally well on “La Brisa” off of Elias Calles catching and releasing a striped marlin & a sailfish and caught a wahoo and six dorado also. September 21st, saw “Great Escape Jr.” on a roll as they caught and released two striped marlin and reeled in fourteen dorado for Kelly Johns and party from Rockwall, Texas. Overall fifty four percent of Pisces boats caught billfish consisting of 17 striped marlin, 9 sailfish & 2 blue marlin, all but one fish released.

OTHERS SPECIES: The big story was the huge yellow fin tuna caught; weight has now been officially confirmed at 427 lbs on a certified scale. The giant fish was caught by Guy Yocom from Dana Point, Ca, aboard his 61 ft Viking, “El Suertudo”, which just happens to mean “the lucky one”, 180 miles off of Cabo on a chunk bait and took just fifty five minutes to tame and have in the boat, perhaps due to the fish being tail wrapped. If the lengthy approval process goes smoothly and we shouldn’t see why it should not, this will the largest ever yellow fin tuna caught on rod and reel. Other tuna catches closer to home dropped substantially this week with just seventeen percent of boats catching from one two nineteen fish – our highest count, by Art Hevener from, Pennsylavania- with weights from 15 to 30 lbs. Our total tuna count this week 34 fish. Dorado catches jumped to an eighty percent catch rate this week, giving us a total fish count for this species of 145 fish. Pozo Cota and Gaspareno proved to be the most productive area for dorado with bait and green colored lures working well. We had a few wahoo this week but none more than 40 lbs, nevertheless a nice catch as one of the best eating fish. Andrea released a 40 lb hammerheard shark. We had one angler that missed out on one of his scheduled trips due to the port being closed, so he only got one day out aboard “Tracy Ann”, he was unable to get a billfish, though did manage a dorado, nevertheless, Captain Julio, always wanting to give good service, hooked him up with a beautiful 40 lb roosterfish right from the dock, when they arrived after fishing.

LOCATION: Pozo Cota to Golden Gate on Pacific, some boats went to the Cortez off of Punta Ballena and Cerro Colorado.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Hot and sunny, seas mostly calm, one day with whitecaps on the Pacific.


BEST LURES: Ballyhoo, Caballito, green colors, flying fish, orange.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg


Villa Penasco Cabo


Holy Carp! I Mean Marlin!

Anglers fish a 746-pound marlin out of Los Cabos waters

Just a day prior to the kick off of Bisbee’s Black & Blue Marlin Tourney, Patrick and Jean Neville and Thomas and Penny Heinz pulled a real sea monster from the depths.

The Florida anglers nabbed a 746-pound blue marlin from the waters just 2-miles off the Pacific side of the Baja California Peninsula near Cabo San Lucas, aboard the 31-foot Tracy Ann, captained by skipper Julio Castro.

Had the fish been nabbed just a day later, the Neville’s and Heinz’s would have landed themselves some serious cash…to the tune of oh, about a few million dollars! The world’s richest billfish tourney, Bisbee’s Black & Blue, runs from October 18 to 22, 2011, welcoming anglers from all over the globe for five days of organized fishing excitement in Los Cabos. However, this marlin was caught same day that check-in and registration began, disqualifying the catch from the actual tournament prize pot.

According to Pete Thomas Outdoors blog, team Neville-Heinz battled with the marlin for almost 2-hours in what resembled a “high-speed car chase”. Sadly, the massive marlin sounded and died less than an hour into the fight and was raised lacking a bill.

Renowned captain of the Tracy Ann, Julio Castro, said, “This is the 2nd biggest Blue Marlin catch in my life…We were blessed with a bit of luck today.”


Sport Fishing in Cabo San Lucas


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June 5, 2010

As summer season nears daytime temperatures have steadily increased, clear sunny skies reaching 90 degrees, though evenings and early morning conditions cool and overall conditions are ideal. Crowds of tourists are now light, continued poor economy limits amount of people who can practically travel. We do expect more numbers of serious anglers to make the trip south, as the offshore fishing season kicks into high gear. Breezes gusting out of the south have been predominating this past week. Anglers have found the calmest waters in the direction of San Jose del Cabo. Water temperatures are now a balmy 74 to 80 degrees throughout the zone from Cabo San Lucas towards Los Frailes, though on the Pacific side of the Peninsula Ocean temperatures are in the 60s. Shifting currents have been strong, stirring water conditions, through much of the area clean blue water can be found within a couple miles of shore.

Sportfishing fleets are fishing areas from Chileno to San Luis, live bait options have included mullet and caballito. Finding giant squid was not as easy since the passing of the recent full moon. They have been sold in local super markets and some locals have done well chunk fishing with this squid in spots where pods of porpoise had yellowfin tuna traveling with them. The overall yellowfin tuna been was good this past week, good numbers of the tuna were found close to shore off of Red Hill to straight off of San Jose del Cabo, at times within one mile of shore. The majority of these tuna weighed in the 10 to 25 pound class, though an occasional larger fish was encountered. Trolling with Rapalas, hoochies, cedar plugs, feathers all worked, but at times, especially when boats pressure increased, it was those anglers using live caballito that had best results. Catches per charter ranged from two or three tuna, up to a dozen fish during a morning of trolling, with maybe one dorado caught for every other boat.

During this time period in 2009 there were some quality sized tuna and dorado being caught on the local fishing grounds, but this season the conditions have fluctuated more and the bait availability has also been a factor. This past week has shown encouraging signs, with more tuna and dorado appearing. Dorado are scattered in ones or twos still, though some larger sized fish were accounted for in recent days and there were reports of fifty pound bulls being hooked into and eventually lost during extended battles.

Though more anglers were targeting the tuna action recently, there was the option of trolling live baits close to shore for the chance at hooking into a monster dogtooth snapper, roosterfish or other jack species, which all are very powerful fighters. Schools of mullet along the inshore beach stretches are now in peak migration and should really attract more gamefish in the coming weeks.

Striped marlin action improved, with fish being spotted tailing on the surface two to six miles off of the areas from San Jose del Cabo to Cabo San Lucas. More marlin were hooked on live baits, with some of the charters specifically targeting the billfish accounting for several in stripers per day, other charters hooked into marlin incidentally while they were basically targeting tuna.

Surf fishing action is picking up, roosterfish a main target species now, but big jack crevalle and even a few snook have been in the mix recently. One snook was landed by a local angler off of the San Jose Estuary reportedly weigh 40 pounds, same person caught another snook of 25 pounds the next morning.

The combined panga fleets launching from La Playita / Puerto Los Cabos sent out approximately 75 charters for the week, with anglers reporting a fish count of:

9 striped marlin, 1 blue marlin, 3 sailfish, 12 hammerhead sharks, 4 wahoo, 19 dorado, 212 yellowfin tuna, 5 amberjack, 8 dogtooth snapper, 28 various pargo species, 15 bonito, 76 roosterfish, 12 jack crevalle, 9 cabrilla and 11 sierra.

Good Fishing, Eric

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