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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Facts About the Drug War in Mexico

There should be clarity on the matter of the drug war in Mexico before any decisions are made against travelling to this remarkable nation. So many people fail to understand the diversity and richness of the Mexican culture and economy. As the world’s twelfth largest economy, it is as stable and productive as it is mysterious and beautiful.

That being said, there has been a great misunderstanding across the world at large about the true nature of the drug war in Mexico. The perception of the current state of affairs as a national crisis that threatens the very heart and soul of the nation is categorically FALSE. Both the reason for the struggle with drug cartels, and the geographic areas purportedly under their control have been misreported by sensationalists seeking to make a buck.

The current drug war in Mexico is concentrated along the northern border of Mexico. It is here that marijuana is being moved into the United States. Demand on our side of the border has created an underground business for the drug cartels that produces several billion dollars of revenue each year. Drug lords infiltrate the impoverished cities along the border, taking advantage of the weak economies in these areas to set up bases of operation. Some have workers who have infiltrated our nation, who are growing marijuana for the drug lords using our national parks as agricultural land for their product.

Because this is basically an import operation of a controlled substance passed across the border of one nation to the other, the conflict is concentrated along the lines of distribution and flows according to the principles of supply and demand. The killing that always results from this type of underground business activity is concentrated only in these areas where the drug is being passed into the United States, and where the Mexican authorities are now using armed force to destroy the power of drug lords. In many ways this resembles arms trading in the Middle East, with a desire for power on one side of the border driving a supply chain to meet that demand from the other side of the border. However in this case it is demand for a drug our own nation in some ways tolerates and makes excuses for that is driving this entire cycle.

Do not blame Mexico for the demand of Americans to break laws in both countries for the sake of getting stoned. The majority of Mexican people are far more indignant about the use of marijuana than people in our own nation, and they are very disappointed that our sensationalist media has painted their culture and their flag with a brush that is the wrong color of green.

They are also very disappointed that the misrepresentation of the true facts about the drug war in Mexico has resulted in people cancelling their vacations to Mexican resorts that are actually safer than many of our own US cities. There is absolutely no drug war going on in any of the central or coastal areas of the country. Stop looking at those silly maps with marijuana-colored ink showing the so-called drug lord controlled areas of Mexico. They are fantasy and fiction, not fact.

Vacation destinations are as far removed from the true geography of the drug war in Mexico as Disneyworld is from Detroit. While we are all aware that many college students who go to places like Cancun deliberately seek out marijuana and other drugs—and unfortunately get their hands on them—to date we have had no reports of any abductions or killings related to the deals made between Spring Breakers and local street dealers.

Rumors that an American couple had been abducted in Mazatlan were later found to be false after thorough investigation. The persons abducted were later determined to be citizens of Cuba, one of whom had defected to Mexico, and not US citizens as initial reports had suggested.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Cabo Spring Break Package- RIU Santa Fe

What is the most affordable way to see Cabo this Spring Break and not miss anything?
Invest in a Cabo Spring Break Package through
Cabo San Lucas Villas. We have packages at two great resorts located on the beach and right near the heart of all the action and nightlife. Both offer plenty of entertainment, amenities, comfort, and activities all bundled into a flat, all inclusive Spring Break Package.

You will also be only minutes away from some of the best water sports, fishing, golf, and nightclubs in Mexico.

What is the most affordable Spring Break Package you offer?
The most affordable all-inclusive we offer is a stay at the RIU Santa Fe. Perhaps one of the best things about a Spring Break Package here is that all accommodations, taxes, and gratuities are included in the total. It sits right on the beach and is only two miles away from the nightlife in downtown Cabo. You will immediately appreciate its close proximity to major attractions and nightclubs and affordable, flat pricing that this brand-new resort offers.

What does this Spring Break Package include?
All the fine dining, drink, and entertainment you could want. Meals and snacks are included with the price, and a variety of offer you a sampling of a wide range cuisines. You can choose between American or Continental breakfast every morning, then have either pizza or a cold or hot buffet for lunch. On certain evenings, you can also enjoy special theme buffest for dinner. If you feel like getting dressed up before you go out on the town, you can choose from any number of onsite that serve everything from Asian, American, Mexican, and Italian cuisine.

Yes, but what about the drinks?
We take this into account with our Spring Break Packages. Local and imported drinks are served around the clock. Also, your room will have a regularly restocked mini-bar and liquor dispenser if you feel like throwing a private party in your suite. A RIU Santa Fe all-inclusive package also gives you lots of Spring Break sports and activities to work out adrenalin. The resort boasts a fully equipped gym, table tennis, a beach volleyball court, and two tennis courts—all included in the price.

If you are looking for a diversity of entertainment nearby, look no further than the hotel. There are daily and evening theme entertainment events, live music in the day and evening. After the show, visit the nightclub Pacha located at the hotel without paying a cover charge.

Be sure to visit our Travel Services page for more things to do while on Spring Break in Cabo.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Is Cabo San Lucas a better place to go on Spring Break than other places like Cancun?
What is better depends on what you are looking for. Cancun is the ultimate party place, whereas Cabo offers the party experience as one element of a more diversified Spring Break experience. People who come here will experience a bit of everything, because accommodation, entertainment, and activity centers here aim to accommodate families, couples, and even professionals while at the same time keeping mindful of the college student who comes to Spring Break to have a good time.

What is the main benefit that Cabo offers to families travelling on Spring Break?
Safety is probably the greatest benefit that Cabo offers to families on Spring Break. Being relatively removed from the Mexican mainland by the Sea of Cortez, and adjoining California on its northern border, the Baja Peninsula is effectively isolated from much of the turbulence currently occurring in many mainland Mexican states. Spring Break in Cabo is probably one of the safest vacations you can take anywhere in the world at this time.

How does Cabo rate for Spring Break activities and accommodations?
Cabo rates high for both. Everything here is extremely close by, allowing people from all walks of life to find anything they want in 20 minutes or less. Some of the most popular Spring Break activities in Cabo include, but are not limited to, many of the following sports:

Fisherman visiting Cabo during the Spring Break season enjoy an upsurge in activity among a thriving and very diverse sport fish population that includes Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Striped Marlin, Dorado, Yellowfin, and Wahoo. If you are an avid angler looking to get started on the action early this year, Spring Break is an ideal time to book a vacation through Cabo San Lucas.

If golf is your passion, you will truly love Cabo for its abundance of world-class, championship golf courses. Some of the all-inclusive resorts even feature their own golf courses. Take, for instance, the Palmilla, which has not just one, but THREE Jack Nicklaus signature golf courses—The Mountain, the Arroyo, and The Ocean. If you are staying in Cabo Del Sol, take your pick of the Jack Nicklaus Ocean Golf Course or the Tom Weiskopf Desert Golf Course. You can also find several other courses only minutes from all the major hotels and the many intimate, private Cabo villas where Spring Break travelers can relax.

Almost every hotel and all-inclusive resort has one or more tennis courts where Spring Break travelers can keep up with their game. Many resorts also offer beginning lessons for people looking to take up tennis either as a hobby or serious sport. If you love tennis, be sure to ask your Cabo San Lucas Villas travel agent about tennis court availability at or near your intended lodgings.

Water Sports
You may love to fish, or you may love to get in the water with the fish. Either form of behavior is encouraged in Cabo during Spring Break season. Water sports abound here, and include water skiing, jet skiing, and kayaking. Equipment for these pursuits can be affordably rented with rates in the marina area on a daily basis. Also, during the Spring Break, the America’s Cup Boat Race is hosted in Cabo, and offers vacationers the special treat of riding on the sail boats during the race. If all those crowds and equipment is too much to consider, just keep it simple with a parasail or swim with the dolphins to enjoy unconditional love.

Is there any nightlife in Cabo?
Yes. There is a restaurant and night club district in Cabo San Lucas, and our all-inclusive resorts typically have several restaurants, bars, lounges, and discos on property. Many also hold special shows on a nightly basis.

Spring Break in Cabo has something for young and old alike, day and night.

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