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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cabo Weddings

Cabo San Lucas Villas can coordinate Cabo Weddings of all types and sizes to meet the desires of couples from all walks of life. Couples seeking a Cabo destination wedding can stay in resorts such as the Dreams Cabo that provide a number of specialty services included in their wedding packages. Amenities such as spa services, a choice between civil or religious ceremony, wedding organization or personalization, wedding cake and champagne, and photography services are just a few of the things you can expect depending on the investment you are looking to make and the number of guests you plan to invite.

While All-Inclusive Packages like the ones briefly mentioned above are found in most of the major resorts, Private homes are another option for couples looking for a Cabo wedding. Many private homes can accommodate up to 200 guests for the ceremony itself. Couples and immediate family members can rent these homes for themselves the previous night, and then bring in guests the next day. Meanwhile, Cabo San Lucas Villas can arrange for friends and other relatives to stay at a number of other lodgings, condos, and villas. The benefit this type of arrangement offers is privacy for the bride, groom, and immediate family, and a more comfortable set of circumstances for individuals who may be part of a rather large guest list. Also, different guests will not all be able to afford the same rates, so Cabo weddings booked in private villas offer everyone a comfortable place to stay at a price point that is comfortable to their budget.

Two of the more notable properties that are popular for Cabo weddings are the Alegranza-Los Cabos and The Villa Group.

The Alegranza is a pet friendly resort and private condominium complex that offers a variety 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, and penthouse units

The Villa Group is a group of properties within one area: The Del Par Mar, the La Estancia, and the Del Arco.

Other properties include the Casa Dorado, Cabo Azul, Pueblo Bonito-Sunset Beach, and Las Ventanas.

The diversity of these lodgings offers more than just a price point comfort for guests who may come from very widely differed income ranges. Diversity in lodgings means a truly personal experience for each and every guest who comes to Cabo to attend the wedding of a family or friend. We work very hard to match not only the income of the guest to the price of the villa, but we also work to place them in an area of Cabo San Lucas that will give them a view they most enjoy, and access to their favorite activities.

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