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Monday, February 16, 2009

Cabo Ground Transportation

Cabo San Lucas Villas wants you to have the royal treatment the minute you get off the plane. We do not want you to suffer any inconvenience or delays in getting to your villa. After all, your vacation should be a relaxing escape from that type of hassle. Working in partnership with Victor Seone Cabo Ground Transportation Company, we are able to give you first class treatment in getting you to where you need to go the moment you get off the plane.

Victor meets you at the airport with water and beer, and greets you with a sign. You get a suburban all to yourself that takes you straight to your villa. If you have never been to Cabo before, and want the feeling of a grand tour, he will be happy to take you all the way from San Jose to Cabo and show you all the properties in the area. This is a great way to take everything in at once, and a get the big picture, so to speak, of the entire area.

Once you are settled into your villa, and you have had some time to relax, no doubt you will want to get out a bit and explore the area and enjoy the countless activities, fine dining, and nightlife that make Cabo San Lucas the premier place to be. If you do not want to take a taxi, just book personal driver services with Cabo Ground Transportation three days in advance. (Mexican law requires ground transportation companies to log their appointments in advance.) Victor will take you anywhere you need to go, and spend up to 12 hours a day with you. He can act as both your full time driver, personal escort, and a body guard as you get to know one of the best resort areas in the world.

If you want to rent a car and drive it yourself, let Victor handle the paperwork for you. Getting a car can be a very time consuming experience in Cabo, and you may end up spending well over an hour in line just to fill out the paperwork. With Cabo Ground Transportation, you can arrange to have Victor pick up the vehicle, and deliver it right to your villa. Take your pick of any of the following models that you can rent through Cabo Ground Transportation.

Nissan Tsuru
Nissan Platina
Chrysler Attitude
Chevrolet Aveo
Chrysler Optra
Mitsubishi Lancer
Nissan pickup
VW Jetta
VW Bora
Chrysler Cirrus
Chrysler Voyager

Larger Vehicles
Express Van
GM Suburban
Chevy Express Van 15 passengers max
Jeep Wrangles
Pt cruiser
Pt cruiser convertible
Hummer H3
Jeep Liberty
Jeep patriot

We can also arrange for limo service, and select Escalades and Hummers are available on a limited basis.

With Cabo Ground Transportation, you get what you want, and you get what you pay for. Prices are very reasonable for the wide range of services you can book.

One Way Airport Transfers
* Airport Pick up to San Jose Del Cabo, Corridor or Cabo San Lucas………$100
* Guide Service ………………………………………$75

Round trip Airport Transfers
* To and From San Jose Del Cabo………………… $200

Other Transportation Services
* Chauffer for your rented vehicle………………… $150 per day
* Full time chauffer & suburban…………………… $310 (12 hours/day)
(Includes gas, bottled water & beer)
* Transportation on an As Need Basis………....... $45-$50 per hour (3 hr. minimum)
* Round Trip Golf Transfers………………………………. $175

* Villa Pre stock Service …………………………...... $90 Service Fee (plus cost of groceries)
* Cot Rentals…………………………....................... $15 per day
* High Chair Rentals………………………………….. $15 per day
* Crib Rentals………………………………………….. $15 per day

Cancellation Policy
Due to strictly-enforced government laws that require bookings in advance, clients will be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of the total amount of the reservation if cancelled within 48 hours before date of departure to Cabo.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cabo Personal Chef Catering Services are Available to You Anytime for Any Occasion

When you think of catering, you often think of sophisticated food preparation and event planning. Cabo chef personal catering services give you just that that, plus a whole lot more. Our personal chef will turn your Cabo Villa, luxury suite, or resort hotel room into the equivalent of a five-star restaurant where you feel like the guest of honor at your own party. Cabo chef catering services are available for many types of occasions, including weddings, birthday parties, romantic evenings, group dinners, business meetings, and family dinners. A wide range of cuisine and service options is included in this service, making every event an experience to remember for years to come.

You can book a Cabo chef through our personal catering service any time during the day or evening. You can also arrange to have the chef come to your villa several times during the day. Many couples travelling in groups often do this. They schedule the chef to cater a meal for the entire group, then set up times for the chef to prepare special meals for individual couples looking to spend time in quiet conversation alone together. Husbands and wives also do this, booking a family dinner with the kids, and a special romantic dinner for themselves for themselves after the kids have gone to sleep.

Cabo chef personal catering services rank among the most popular amenities favored by guests who stay in Cabo San Lucas Villas. Guests in these private getaways seldom feel like leaving their comfortable lodgings to deal with larger crowds. Our chefs come to them, bringing 5-star luxury to their kitchen, living room, patio, or balcony. Couples getting married almost always book a Cabo chef to cater their meal. We work with several companies, including the world famous and highly reputed El Matador catering service, to deliver the very best service to any occasion our guests seek to enjoy.

Cabo chefs come straight to your location and pre-stock both your kitchen and your bar for you. This is one of the things that distinguishes our catering as a truly world class service. Cabo chefs are not limited to villas only, either. They will travel to any location where a guest of Cabo San Lucas Villas is staying. Sometimes people at 5-star resorts decide to pamper themselves beyond the amenities provided. This is no problem. A chef can be in their room within hours, and prepare anything from a traditional Mexican meal to American, European, or Asian cuisine. Nothing is better than having a culinary expert bring you a bottle of fine wine (or tequila), then prepare restaurant quality food right in front of you before serving it in the dining room, the patio, the balcony, or by the pool.

Cabo chefs will travel to any guest of our service anywhere in the Los Cabos area. A select few of our villas also have resident chefs in-house. If you are interested in booking a stay in one of these villas, call us now to check on the next availability.

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Casa Cielo - The Ultimate Cabo San Lucas Villa

In Spanish, the name Casa Cielo means House of the Heavens. It was so named by Jason Giambi, NY Yankees legend and recent Oakland As recruit, who built this mansion as his the dream home after being referred to
Cabo San Lucas Villas by a friend a few years back.

After he had experienced a luxury villa rental firsthand through Cabo San Lucas Villas, Giambi was so impressed with the Los Cabos and the experience it presents that he built Casa Cielo to symbolize the ultimate dream vacation in this unique and exceptional part of the world. It has been 2 years in construction, but now Casa Cielo is finally open and now ready to be rented exclusively through Cabo San Lucas Villas.

Having been designed with the utmost attention to architectural details, and built with every luxurious comfort in mind, Casa Cielo offers everything from a billiard room that has its own professional grade poker table to a world class indoor gym that has weights for the fitness fanatic, state of the art cardio for the health conscious, and home theater with the best seating in this or any other house—or public cinema for that matter—in the entire Cabo San Lucas area.

Perched on top of a mountain laced with a winding cobblestone road in the exclusive Pedregal neighborhood rises the stately and magnificent Casa Cielo. From one of the best locations anywhere in Los Cabos, you can look down the mountainside into the sea, viewing everything from the Cabo Yacht Marina to the world famous Los Arcos that rises like a pyramid off the top of Lands End.

When you walk into Casa Cielo, you walk into a world of rooms that feature every characteristic of a dream vacation, Cabo San Lucas style.

Dining Room
Enjoy a catered meal cooked by a visiting chef at an elegant dining room table. Relax in high-back chairs under chandelier light that adds a classic Old World touch to the myth of the New World with dimmable light that lets you set any mood for any occasion, public or private.

Living Room
In classic great room fashion built with entertaining in mind, the living room is located right next to the dining room so guests can relax comfortably after a meal. It is resplendently decorated with all sorts of comfortable couches and chairs that are arranged to encourage quality conversation over drinks and hor’dourves, aperitifs, and decadent desserts. Imagine all of this luxury surrounded by the beauty of ornate decorations designed around a vivid color scheme, custom made collectible display cabinets, and a chandelier that centers the room with a refined touch.

Game Room
If you prefer to party away from the crowds, you will love the game room at Casa Cielo. It has a full bar, a professional grade poker table, and a pool table. Here, you can host your own private parties and gamble for fun, or high stakes if you like, at your leisure and discretion.

Every one of the nine bedrooms here gives you panoramic ocean views of either the Pacific Ocean or the Sea of Cortez. Some even give you a view of the Marina as well. Every suite is a master bedroom with its own master bath. Amenities include premium linens and bedding, walk in closets, private baths and Jacuzzis, and seating areas for drinks, conversation, and movie viewing.

Our Casa Cielo staff is here to cater to your every whim and desire of our guests. Every day, your master bedroom is cleaned to immaculate spotlessness perfection. In the evening, enjoy a huge, full- gourmet catering kitchen that has a staff entrance that is easily accessible and an in-house chef team can come in at any time to prepare special meals.

Casa Cielo also gives you bi-level patios furnished with spacious lounge areas, 2-level infinity edge swimming pool, a cascading Jacuzzi, and an outdoor kitchen-BBQ area with two fire pits.

There is also a wine cellar located down below, and everything throughout the mansion is fully air-conditioned.

Business Accommodations and Technology
If you are looking to book a business trip or rewards trip for top employees, Casa is the place for you. Here, you can stay in touch with the office even when you are having the time of your life. Casa Cielo has the latest electronic and business communications technology in the world. We have a full business center in the Villa, wireless Internet and VOIP phone service that you can access 24/7. Every bedroom also has in-room iPhone/iPod docking, along with charging stations and remote controls.

Multimedia Entertainment
Casa Cielo boasts a grand total of 16 HDTV LCD TVs that are located in key places throughout the house. Every master bedroom has its own independent Direct TV connection. We also offer you a fully-equipped, maximum comfort home movie theater in the villa that has its own game table and popcorn machine, bringing the full cinema experience to the top of a Pedregal mountain.

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